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App -Sinsys

PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2012 1:14 pm
by stonedv8
Character Name: Sinsys

Class/Profession: Ranger

Age: 31

MMO Experience: Started with EQ1, City of Heroes and then moved to EQ2. EQ2 was my first raiding MMO where I devoted time in a guild. Due to internal strife in EQ2 my guild split and I took a personal affront and quit for a time, not to long after WoW came out and I jumped into that feet first. Played WoW pretty straight for 3+ years, took a raiding break and went more casual doing heroic dungeons and BG's. After Cata brought again nothing new I grew tired of WoW. In between my causal play I played WAR since beta and did mostly BG's and PVP Lakes there as well. Tried Rift and maxed a character, nothing significant. SWTOR maxed character, few raids, again nothing special.

So here I am in GW2, as you guys can see ive played/tried most mainstream MMO's and even did some f2play MMO's. Now that I am older the PVP aspect of WVWVW is really appealing to me as playing against others is more fun than slaying e-dragons 3 times a week on a raid schedule.

What you are looking for in a guild: I am looking for guild cohesion, a guild that actually works together and games together. To me this is important because when it comes time to accomplish something major in game everyone works together well and is successful in completing the goals they set out for. Instead of a guild that mass recruits just for stats and then they "try" to do something big but everyone runs around like a PUG because the only thing about those people are they share a name above their head and nothing else.

Little about me: Again, I am 31 years old. Married with no kids. Motorcycle mechanic for the last 8 years. Spent 4 years in the Marines. Work a pretty normal schedule so I am on most nights. No kids but I have two HUGE cats that are like little kids that pretty much most of the time one is laying in my lap while I am trying to "PWN" in PVP. So when I get "pwned" I usually blame him ;)